“This model only works if people WANT to develop”

“This model only works if people WANT to develop”

What… why would everybody not want to develop???

Imagine being challenged like that while facilitating your first Situational Leadership II program? I can’t remember how I answered on the day, but it bugged me for a while. And now 12 years later, having worked in 26 countries, running hundreds of seminars I can say that I’ve given that statement a lot of thought, and I came up with this answer.

 “Because they really don’t know why they should”

 So yes this model is spot on if you are trying to help someone learn a task and get from D1 to D4 (where my heckler was wrong) but the moment there is a real lack of motivation that extends past the task you are working on, then a whole new set of skills are required which needs a deeper understanding of how to shift someone (where my heckler was right)

 To shift someone from an un-resourceful sub-optimal motivational outlook in life and for the task at hand to a place where he or she want’s to be the best version of themselves requires you to be able to influence at a much deeper level than “in the moment”. To do this you need more than tactics, you need a strategy. That’s where models and frameworks used in isolation are ultimately challenged.

 To understand what already motivates them and then leverage that in order to help them develop is the key here. In short, you have to connect what they are doing to why they are doing it.

 Let me explain…

 Most companies (or just the good ones maybe?) have a clear Vision, Mission, Values and strategic goals. But sadly not all people have that same clarity. They come to work and repeat the same day, week, month and year… without ever really figuring out what it’s all for!

 But, when you know your why, your what has more impact and you will be more inclined to learn the how! That’s when leadership models work best.

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Because your success and your team members success cannot be separated!

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