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If knowledge is the pre-cursor to experience, then you probably want to learn more if you want to experience more! This channel is where we educate, challenge, inspire or make you shake your head in a “how’s that even possible?” kind of way.

MGTV is your own private “TV” show where you can get answers to your Personal Mastery, Team’s or Business questions, read our latest articles and blogs, or get our take on the best books and podcasts that will help you on your journey to extraordinary

PS…What’s the coolest thing about finding a new “did you see that” motivational video clip or “you have to read this” article or book that will “change your life?”  …Sharing it of course ! So,  feel free to share anything on this page. 


So, who won?

There is a version of you that knows what an extraordinary life looks like, and then there's one who doesn't. There is a future you who is "crushing it" in... read more →
Dare to be great, dare to be powerful beyond measure!

Dare to be different

I was invited by a government department to speak about diversity in our nations capital last week. I made these three points. You have to be willing to embrace diversity... read more →

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