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Coffee Shop Coaches

Changing the world, one coffee at a time

Imagine getting to do what you love every day? For us, that’s helping people step up and live their lives by their rules for their reasons, so they can thrive and not just survive in the face of massive global change!

So, to show our gratitude, we came up with a way to do what we love, align it with our purpose and values, and make a positive difference in the world.

If you have something on your mind, need to make a decision or you just need to be heard but haven’t taken the next step to hire a coach, but you really want to try it out…we have good news. Once a month we offer free “Coffee Shop Coaching” where we exchange professional coaching for a coffee as part of our “Pay It Forward” campaign. NO strings attached (that would be TEA), no up-selling or sneaky hooks…WYSIWYG!

Heres how it works:

  1. We run the Coffee Shop Coaching sessions once a month in various locations( face to face) or online
  2. We don’t actually drink the coffee you buy us. All we ask is that after your session either you or the coffee shop we are at donates your coffee to someone in need in the hope that random acts of kindness will stack up and help make our world a better place!
  3. There are seriously no strings attached… just coffee, coaching and changing the world!

If you want more info then follow / like us on Facebook to see when and where the next Coffee Shop Coaches’ event is, or contact us directly if you, your company or your coffee shop want to participate in our pay it forward campaign!

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