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“If the leader shapes the business, then what affects the leader?” 80% of your success as a human and in business today is a result of your mindset. 20% is the tactical day-to-day stuff.People are the heartbeat of your business. If the rhythm is off – this is the most crucial place to start.

We help shift the mindset, heartset and skillset of your people to deliver intangible value to their clients, and inspire co-workers to do the same. Balancing head, heart and hands. Mindset, heartset and skillset. Courage WITH compassion. Because in our mind (and heart), that’s what genuine leadership and success is all about.

Self Mastery

Get Your Sh*ft Together & 10X YOUR LIFE

What would you say If we asked you “what an extraordinary life would be for you” and then followed that up with “are you living it now?”

If you are anything like most of the people that we meet in our seminars all over the world, you have either never thought about it or it would be very difficult to answer.

The reason its so hard to answer is that you’ve been so busy following the rules, doing what you were told, ticking off the boxes to “someday” that you have forgotten what extraordinary is. You are probably exhausted or exasperated desperate for some excitement

Then one day, the shift will happen, and you will come to the harsh realisation that you have been in a bad dream for a large chunk of your life and you will want more…right here and right now!

Here’s the thing, your life probably doesn’t suck and you have a lot that’s going right and even more to be grateful for, but you could do with some improvements. Whatever happens don’t let anyone (the latest internet coaching guru) tell you their life is so much better than yours (despite what they post on their social media accounts) Don’t panic and sign up for a get rich quick scheme or a “make 6 figures by the end of the month” program.  Most of these won’t (or can’t) deliver what they promise and you will be back to square one because they don’t deal with the science behind the reasons you aren’t where you want to be.You can’t just 10X your life …you have to GYST 10X Your Life 

To really live a 10X life you first have to figure out what the X is for you now and what you want it to be. Then you have to get your shift together through a journey where you master or at least improve three major areas of your life (personal, professional and spiritual) then you can come full circle back to where you started …which was always extraordinary…you had just forgotten.

If you want to turn exhaustion into excitement or exasperation into an exclamation of exactly the life you want and deserve then contact us and we will show you how to Get Your Sh*ft Together and 10X your life!

Training Online Keynotes 1-1 Coaching Getaways

I’m a big fan of Hank van der Merwe and his book Live on Purpose – Mastery Class. Somebody told me recently that you should be yourself because everyone else is taken. I think Hank has a wonderful formula for helping you be yourself and for recognizing those aspects of your life that hold you back – as well as what you need to do to be your best. Read this book and become the you that you want to be.

Ken Blanchard – Co-author, The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level

Nicole is AMAZING, I felt a genuine connection with her and I will be forever grateful for all that she has taught me. The “Get your Shift Together program” has literally changed my outlook on life. Get off the fence, Do it, make the call and prepare to be blown away 🙂 

Michelle Marshall, Melbourne Australia

Self Leadership

Emerging Leaders

Moving from mate to manager is one of the biggest and most dramatic leaps you will make in your professional career. It requires a completely different mindset, skill set and toolset and the reality is most first time managers are ill-prepared for this new challenge. Organisations are still promoting high performers into leadership roles but not preparing them for the task. But just because someone is great at getting the job done doesn’t mean they know how to work through others to get the job done.

First time leaders have to manage some major paradigm shifts if they are to succeed as first time leaders. Successfully navigating these paradigm shifts will give them both the experience and the context for leading other new managers as they progress in their leadership journey.

This program will help first time leaders to:

  1. Set the context for their leadership in the face of massive change
  2. Shift their mindset from mate to manager
  3. Become a leader worth following by learning how to influence their team members
  4. Build effective relationships by understanding their team members behavioural preferences 
  5. Align their team members activity through goal setting
  6. Develop their team members with one on one coaching
  7. Be able to have the more challenging feedback  on performance problem’s conversations as well as the more rewarding praising conversations.
  8. Create an action plan for implementing their leadership strategy.
Training 1-1 Coaching Group Coaching Keynotes

Hank facilitated a life changing Leadership training workshop for myself and a team of Senior Managers from MTN Nigeria. He used a unique/novel style of getting all the participants to imbibe the contents of the program in an atmosphere of fun and team work.

Ntomchukwu Ofor Lagos, Nigeria

Sales Mastery Bootcamp

When it comes to sales, If you sometimes feel like you are a contestant in “The Hunger Games” where it’s literally  a case of “survival of the fittest”, then you need to  get to our Sales Mastery Bootcamp Experience where in just two days, we will help you discover the characteristics, techniques and strategies of the worlds top sales superstars and then teach you how to use them to consistently exceed your sales goals and thrive in a world where others are just trying to survive.

To sell to today’s client, you must connect and influence at mastery level and consistently add more value than your competitors. Every one knows “what?” they sell, some even know “how?”, but the ones who also know “why?” will have an edge over you. 

The Sales Mastery Bootcamp will help you quickly discover:

1. How to get your head in the game – the psychology of sales success

2. The mechanics, strategies and tactics to increase your sales performance

3. The X-factor you need to exceed your sales goals consistently and stay ahead of the competition

4. How to achieve your personal goals by being at the top of your game

Training 1-1 Coaching Group Coaching Keynotes

I highly recommend the Sales Boot Camp to any organisation, manager, sales leader or sales team. It’s more than a sales program, it’s learning about yourself, learning how and why you operate a certain way. It will vastly increase your understanding of your team members. It will increase your team’s understanding of themselves and the various ways they operate and communicate whilst becoming acutely aware on how to improve and grow as an individual, team and organisation. It is absolutely worth the investment.

Jason Ciccolallo, Sydney Australia

10 Steps to EXTRAORDINARY starts here!

If you don’t have a goal for your life…then someone else does. Get your free goal setting workshop here, then set your own direction, and live your life by your rules for your reasons!