Global Partnerships & Mentors

We have partnered with some of the biggest global names in behavioural and cultural assessments to bring the latest science , best practice and cutting edge research to your project. The type of assessments we use on our program’s are based specifically on your People, Teams and Organisational challenges.

Developing People: Self Leadership

Build Better Relationships

ECR Self

Choose the ECR Self Report to assess your key skills in emotional intelligence and get a comprehensive interpretation of your leadership potential. The ECR Self Report also provides narrative descriptions of the leadership behaviours associated with each score; coaching strategies for developing greater emotional intelligence and leadership abilities, as well as an action plan to design a personal blueprint to build emotional capital.

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Manage Difficult Emotions

ECR 360

Choose the 360 Multi-Rater Report which combines responses from your chosen raters and compares these scores to your ‘self’ scores to gain an understanding of the differences in perception. The report also has a Verbatim Section containing open-ended questions that provide raters with the opportunity to elaborate on responses. Finally, a Coaching Section examines those particular factors where ‘Self’ scores and Rater scores are significantly different and presents coaching strategies for improving leadership performance.

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Increase creativity

ECR Selection

Choose the ECR Selection Report to identify talent and recruit high-performing employees. In addition to providing scores on the ten emotional and social competencies of emotional intelligence, the ECR Selection Report provides a guide to the interpretation of scores that can be explored during a behavioural interview. The interaction of high scores and low scores are explored in light of their potential impact on performance, and key follow-up questions are presented to guide the interview. A Summary Evaluation section provides an opportunity to evaluate the level of confidence in the candidate’s emotional intelligence strengths and development needs as well as an opportunity for making recommendations.

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Developing People: Self & 1-1 Leadership

Building Teams: Team Leadership

Maximising Culture: Organisational Leadership

Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP)

Every existing culture has a place in between two extremes of seven cultural dimensions. Five describe interpersonal relationships, one in relation to time, and one in relation to the environment. To measure culture, we have created the IAP.IAP questionnaire is designed to assess the personal orientation of choices that an individual makes when resolving intercultural business issues. Using a range of diagnostic questions, the questionnaire is able to elicit individual cross-cultural orientations against the Seven Dimensions of Culture model. The IAP can be used in conjunction with workshops as well as in coaching situations. It allows the user to perform a comprehensive personal analysis of their own cross-cultural orientation based on their individually generated profile and the personalized feedback provided.

Intercultural Competence Profiler (ICP)

Intercultural competence describes someone’s ability to reconcile dilemmas on various levels. We have accumulated a significant body of evidence showing that reconciling values makes business more effective.

Corporate Culture Profiler (CCP)

There are two main dilemmas at the core of each business, which we use to model the corporate culture. Using this method, we can compare different organizations and elicit their dilemmas. We do this using our CCP. CCP is a multi-functional instrument that enables participants to review and examine the interpretations employees give to relationships with each other and with the organization as a whole. Specifically, the CCP looks at the perceived current and idealized perceptions of issues such as: Corporate Effectiveness (towards mission/goals), Efficiency, Loyalty, Learning and Values, as well as possible other areas as per the request of the individual client. Like other corporate culture diagnostic tools, the CCP offers a simple diagnosis of the dominant culture in your organization using 4 typologies: Incubator, Family, Guided Missile and Eiffel Tower. This could be helpful in either mergers/acquisitions, strategic change, diversity, globalization, or other related issues.

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