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The whole is greater than the sum of all parts, however those parts (your people) have their own set of needs, beliefs / perceptions, personalities, skills and intentions.

And so, when there is low trust, commitment, accountability and no clear direction, those sums won’t add up. The “whole” must have a very clear vision / direction for how they will work TOGETHER to achieve high levels of performance. We help shift old patterns of behavior and habits individually and collectively to clearly align with a high performing team. Setting a new standard for everyone to function more effectively as a “whole”.

Team Leadership

Leadership Bootcamp

Leadership today is not about having a title or an actual leadership position. It’s about being able to maximise available resources to make decisions and solve complex problems as they arise and ultimately, add value. Those resources could be team members that “report” to you, or colleagues both local and international. Being able to influence effectively without authority is the sign of a true leader. So what are the characteristics of a true leader?

Firstly, leaders are already influenced themselves. They have a strong sense of personal and professional purpose, and are able to clearly articulate their vision; inspire those around them to want to achieve that vision; and then execute through that common alignment.

Although that sounds simple enough, the truth is that being a leader today requires a very specific mind-set, skill-set and tool-set. You need to understand your own capabilities and motivations, as well as those people that you influence

What Problems does the Team Leadership Bootcamp solve?

• Increases one-to-one and team leadership capability.

• Determines Leadership Purpose– Authenticity and builds trust.

• Clarifies your own motivation, blind spots and priorities and those of your team in your professional relationships.

• Determines an effective leadership strategy for leading individuals and teams.

• Creates an action plan to implement the principles and execute on the strategy.

Training 1-1 Coaching Group Coaching Keynotes

I recently participated in the Leadership Bootcamp led by Hank. His very effective approach of better people making better leaders really resounded with me. I found the sessions incredibly valuable (although confronting) because of the personalised evaluations that I received and the practical application of these results to becoming a more effective leader. Hank was dynamic and lead and presented in a humorous manner, but was authentic and approachable both during the course and afterwards.

Saul Berkowitz, Sydney Australia

Sales Team Leadership Bootcamp

In today’s volatile market, sales managers need a vast array of strategies and tactics to stay ahead of the ever-expanding competition. Whether you are responsible for driving sales for  your team, or the entire organisation, you are going to have to continually reinvent yourself if you are going to stay relevant. 

To be effective in your role, you need the ability to set a clear direction for your team, align their activity to a winning game plan and, have the skills to motivate , develop and coach them to execute at the highest level week in and week out. This takes robust systems and processes, as well as a deep understanding of why your sales people behave the way they do

Come and join us for a two day Sales Team Leadership Bootcamp  that will give mindset, skill set and tool set to take yourself and your team to the right to the top.

On this program you will quickly discover

  • How to lead more effectively by learning about your own management preferences and priorities
  • The sales strengths and weaknesses of both yourself and your sales team through the Sales DiSC ® and ECR (Emotional Intelligence) assessments
  • How to determine the reasons behind sub-optimal performance and shift them before it’s too late
  • How to improve both individual and team results through effective team leadership and sales performance coaching
Training 1-1 Coaching Group Coaching Keynotes

Nicole is one of the most exciting, engaging and inspirational people any business or client could ask for. Our entire team was given amazing direction through Nicole’s work. This impact has lead to incredible business results in sales, and people metrics which are at historic levels. Cannot recommend Nicole highly enough.

David Matthias, Sydney Australia

Team Development

Building Cohesive Teams

If you have a team whose performance has been less than spectacular lately and you need to get them back on track or, if you are forming a brand new team and you want to get them off to the best possible start, then we can help you build a purpose driven cohesive team. In our experience, much team conflict is due to confusion and lack of agreement on expectations. Clarifying your expectations upfront will set up your team for success.

Using a combination of individual and team assessments and a proven consulting process we will help your team achieve results by:

  • Set a clear direction by creating a team vision
  • Aligning the teams activity with the organisations purpose through a team charter
  • Aligning everyones activity by setting the right goals for team members that achieves the teams purpose
  • Manage conflict by understanding interpersonal relationships and communication styles
  • Build Trust, Commitment, Accountability which leads to Results
Consulting 1-1 Coaching Getaways

His engaging style of presentation captures the audience and it is backed with technical knowledge of the highest level. He imparts his knowledge in a manner that ensures all understand. Everyone left the seminar on a “high” because he inspires you to do more.

Peter Murphy , Brisbane Australia


Leading a team is not as easy as it sounds and many leaders still get it wrong which makes real teamwork so rare. Find out the biggest reasons why teams fail and what you can do to prevent yours from failing too.